Healing Spring Intestine - Power From The Center
A film by Marlies Faulend
TV documentary -

Margareta Diringer suffers from severe headaches since decades. She seeks help from many specialists until she comes to a doctor who pays attention to her bowels. He comes to the conclusion that Margareta Diringer has a food intolerance. After a change in diet, her pain disappeared.

Often we pay attention to our bowels only when it plagues us. Seventeen percent of Austrians have food intolerance and about one in five suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, with symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea or flatulence. Our body center deserves more attention, but in the course of our life about 30 tons of food travel through the intestine. Among other things, we owe that about two kilograms of bacteria, fungi and viruses in our gut that our digestion works. Together they make up the microbiome that decides what we feel, how good our memory is, whether we are in pain, or whether we are overweight. Scientists also found that it may play a role in the development of diseases such as dementia, liver cirrhosis or depression. But how does our microbiome get out of balance? And what can you do to fix it?

The answers are researched by doctors, microbiologists and psychologists worldwide. One thing is certain - that our diet influences the composition of our microbiome. The nutritionist Andrea Ficala shows in the film how to strengthen his intestines, why fiber is so important to us and what probiotic foods we can support our microbiome in a natural way. At the University Hospital in Graz, doctors are trying to use probiotics to cure diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome and cirrhosis. Probiotics are living microorganisms whose positive effects have been proven in some studies. Some products in the supermarket refrigerated shelves are also enriched with probiotic bacteria. However, their effect is doubtful and the yoghurts and milk drinks are characterized by high sugar content. It would be healthier to put natural probiotic foods on his diet more often. How this can be done is demonstrated by the ORF III new production in cooperation with Langbein & Partner.


01.10.2018 | 20:15 | ORF III

Director: Marlies Faulend | Editorial Office: Elisabeth Tschachler | DOP: Christian Roth | Sound: Martin Kadlez | Editor: Angela Freingruber | Speakers: Angelika Lang, Florian Gabler | Sound Mixing: Soundfeiler | Production Manager: Katharina Bernard | Editorial Office: Livia Gruber (ORF III) | Program Manager: Otto Schwarz (ORF III) | Production: Eva Schindlauer (ORF III) | Overall Management: Peter Schöber (ORF III) | Producer: Kurt Langbein

TV Documentary | Austria | 2018 | Series: Themenmontag
45 minutes | HD
A coproduction by Langbein & Partner in cooperation with ORF III
Supported by the Austrian Television Fund