Oases of Freedom
A film by Martin Hanni & Kurt Langbein narrated by Ilija Trojanow
TV documentary -

It is the most popular graffiti symbol worldwide to be found on thousands of buildings – a big A in a circle. The symbol first appeared in the 1960's in France and portrays the beginning- and endlessness of the idea of a society without laws and rule – "Anarchy is order".

But what is it anarchists want? How timeless are anarchic ways of living? And why is anarchy often associated with arbitrary chaos?

The documentary "Oases of Freedom" follows the author, philosopher and publisher Ilija Trojanow on his wanderings through the Thuringian Forest. He is looking for a long forgotten building, the "Bakunin Hut", named after Michail Bakunin, founder of anarchism. Originally it was built as a mountain hut but soon not only nearby-living families but also anarchists and free spirits from all over Germany frequented the hut. During the Nazi era, the hut and its surroundings were used for military practice, afterwards it was a restricted area. Now, for over two decades, volunteers have been keeping this "anarchist monument" in good condition.

The name Bakunin represents the beginnings of the anarchist movement. The Bakunin Hut building symbolizes an ideological construct, which is constantly being built and rebuilt, destroyed and improved upon.

Director: Martin Hanni, Kurt Langbein | DOP: Daniel Mahlknecht, Valentin Platzgummer | Sound: Martin Fliri, Armin Koch | Editor: Claudia Linzer | Speaker: Ilija Trojanow | Sound mixing: Tonstube Audioproduktion | Colour grading: ammira film | Production Manager: Miriam Frerk | Production Manager ORF 3sat: Rosemarie Prasek | Editorial Office ORF 3sat: Franziska Mayr-Keber | Overall Manager ORF 3sat: Petra Gruber | Produzent: Kurt Langbein

TV Documentary | Austria | 2018
52 minutes | HD
A production by Langbein & Partner and ORF 3sat
Supported by IDM Südtirol and VAM