What can we really still eat today?
A film by Claudia Bräuer
TV documentary -

There is little that is as eminently arguable as healthy food. Over the past decades, nutritional science and the media have delivered dozens of "truths," none of which have stood up to closer scrutiny. Sometimes it was said; fat makes fat, soon after: carbohydrates make fat, light products should bring the solution. Some swear by raw food, others by mainly cooked food. Some eat like our Stone Age ancestors, others reject any animal products. More and more people trust in the millennia-old philosophies of Ayurveda or TCM teachings, others prefer only seasonal food from the region. Algae and worms are considered to be the food of the future, but will this also catch on in our country?

Claudia Bräuer investigates the myths about healthy eating, unhealthy foods, obesity and diets. The nutritionist Jürgen König advocates listening to your own body and not being confused by the different philosophies of vegans, vegetarians, paleos, clean eaters, slow carbers, fat and sugar avoiders, dieters and co. It is much more important to choose a form of nutrition that you find pleasurable and that can last for years. Because then eating food brings joy and sense again, in its opinion.

And a realization is scientifically ever more supported: "Our body can deal very much better with short lack than with constant oversaturation. Actually we live at present maximally unfavorably for our genetic conditions, reports chamfering expert and internist Andreas Michalsen over the new conditions of the research. "Those who fast regularly can significantly reduce the risk of almost all chronic diseases and also inhibit the aging process"

Direction & Production: Claudia Bräuer| Camera: Christian Roth | Sound: Martin Kadlez | Editor: Julia Eder | Production Assistent: Jennifer Becker, Benjamin Lehner | Producer: Kurt Langbein

TV Documentary | Austria | 2021 | Series: Themenmontag
45 minutes | HD
A coproduction by Langbein & Partner in cooperation with ORF III,
Supported by the Austrian Television Fund