Fasting – The Healing Nothingness
A film by Florian Kröppel
TV documentary -

As unthinkable as it seems: our body needs abstinence! This abstinence is known in many cultures as "fasting". Contemporary scientists, however, are much less interested in the religious practice but in the medicinal benefits. Fasting can help to prevent diseases like diabetes or rheumatism. There is even hope, that fasting could work to damage cancer cells.

The center of the new "fasting science" seems to be Styria's capital, Graz. The documentary shows three scientists, who examined the topic and found astounding revelations.

Regie: Florian Kröppel | Kamera: Caroline Bobek | Ton: Martin Stiendl, Max Leimstaettner | Schnitt: Alexandra Wedenig | Sprecherin: Angelika Lang | Tonmischung: Soundfeiler | Produktionsleitung: Katharina Bernard | Redaktion: Livia Gruber (ORF III) | Sendungsverantwortlicher: Otto Schwarz (ORF III) | Produktion: Eva Schindlauer (ORF III) | Gesamtleitung: Peter Schöber (ORF III) | Produzent: Kurt Langbein
TV Documentary | Austria | 2018 | Sendereihe: Themenmontag
45 Minutes | HD