Planned Obsolescence
A film by Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt
TV documentary -

The idea of planned or built-in obsolescence is rooted in the logic of our economical system as well as in our minds. Therefore, abundant speculation surrounds the subject, but there still is no empirical proof to be found. Or is there? The documentary "Planned Obsolescence" investigates the claim.

Many products – especially electronics – are designed to be short-lived and are often not or barely reparable. The consequence: Electronic waste is a growing problem worldwide. And Austria is one of the biggest offenders with 22.1 kg e-waste per capita.

But how is the decreasing durability of electronics explained? Is this a purposeful development? A strategy of our capitalistic economy?

Director: Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt | DOP: Caroline Bobek | Sound: Martin Stiendl, Michael Hensel | Editor: Alexandra Wedenig | Speaker: Angelika Lang | Sound Mixing: Soundfeiler | Production Manager: Miriam Frerk | Program Manager: Otto Schwarz (ORF III) | Production: Eva Schindlauer (ORF III) | Overall Manager: Peter Schöber (ORF III) | Producer: Kurt Langbein

TV Documentary | Austria | 2017 | Series: Themenmontag
45 minutes | HD
A production by Langbein & Partner in cooperation with ORFIII
Supported by the Austrian Television Fund and VAM